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The Chiappas come to the Abergavenny Food Festival

Posted by: Romina Chiappa | 25.08.14

abergavenny food 1

This year we’re super excited to head back home and go to the Abergavenny Food Festival¬†on Sunday 21st September. This certainly is a festival… More…

Chiappas Come to Jamie Oliver’s Feastival 2014

Posted by: Romina Chiappa | 25.08.14


We’ll be heading back to Oxford this weekend for Jamie Oliver’s Feastival and we can’t wait. We’ll be cooking up something from our Simply… More…

Chocolate Salame

Posted by: Romina Chiappa | 17.08.14

Chocolate Salame 320x320

This is a great recipe and perfect for all the family to enjoy. Don’t forget you can watch a video on how to make… More…

Homemade Cannoli

Posted by: Emi Chiappa | 04.08.14

Cannoli 320

Even though this recipe traditionally comes from Southern Italy, we couldn’t resist giving these a go and trust us, if you do to, you… More…


Posted by: Emi Chiappa | 24.07.14

calzone 320 x 320

People think this is often a difficult thing to make but all it essentially is is a pizza folded in half to form a… More…

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