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Michela Presents the Top 10 Italian Dishes: More4 on 10th August 8pm

Posted by: The Chiappas | 16.07.13


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Channel 4 have produced a one off special called Top 10, which counts down the Top 10 Italian dishes as voted by you, the British Public.


The show will aired on Saturday 10th August at 8pm on More4. However you can up online in the UK on Channel 4OD


You can catch Michela, taking you from 10 to 1, showing you how to make each of the 10 dishes with a little Chiappa twist here and there.


We’re certain you can all probably guess what the most popular dishes are, but have you ever made them all?  You can now find all the recipes from the show here…


10. Italian Meatballs

9. Linguine alle Vongole

8. Lasagna

7. Melanzane Parmigiana

6. Gnocchi

5. Bruschetta Three Ways – Celery & Lime, Classic Tomato, Pea & Mozzarella

4. Gelato – Bacio (Chocolate & Hazlenut), Amaretto & Cherry

3. Tiramisu

2. Mushroom Risotto

1. Pizza 

7 thoughts on “Michela Presents the Top 10 Italian Dishes: More4 on 10th August 8pm

  1. Y Gee says:

    Loved the top ten Italian dishes presented by Michela.
    I made the lovely Gelato shown, put it in the freezer. When we tried it the next day it was solid. Couldn’t get it out. what went wrong? Please help as my husband loves Icecream (Gelato) and has it every day. Thanking you.

  2. Emi Chiappa says:

    im not sure what went wrong, some freezers freeze at different temperatures so it might be that you have to let it defrost a little before serving.

  3. […] seriously thought only Mum and Dad would be in the audience. Following on from the success of the Top 10 we decided to cook up Pizza and also show you what we do with our left over dough (Chisurin), it […]

  4. Dennis says:

    Hi there,
    I Cant wait for the book…everything look pretty good …and Much less
    Complicated than other tv shows…Well done…

  5. Emi Chiappa says:

    Thanks so much, we are so excited for our book too, hurry up next spring ;)

  6. Jan Dobbs says:

    Successfully tried the risotto,gelato, melazane parmigiana cant wait to try pizza going to buy a pizza stone soon. I find all the recipes really straight forward and easy to follow. I am so pleased that everything has turned out exactly like the photos, hopefully they taste the same too. Looking forward to buying the book.

  7. Lucy says:

    WOW girls just watched all four episodes of Simply Italian have just printed all the recipes and am so looking forwards to attempting them all :). Im from Australia so am a little disapointed that I wont be able to watch the top 10, hopefully it will be played on television over here soon :). Cant wait for the book, keep up the good work :)

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