Great ideas for Bilingual Children

ideas for bilingual children

Here are some great ideas for bilingual children.  I’m bringing up Fiamma learning mainly Italian but also a little French…

This website has bilingual books in lots of different languages.  Fiamma’s favourite is this one “Riccioli d’oro e i tre orsi” which is in Italian and translated in English too (to help daddy!)

My in-laws live in France and speak to Fiamma in French.  Each month they are sending her this little magazine subscription which is fantastic for 1-3 year olds.  Exciting to receive in the post each month too and can be kept in library for other kids to follow…

Fiamma’s absolute favourite book is ‘First Hundred Words in Italian’ and they only one we need to take on long journeys as it holds her attention the longest… You can pick it up for as little as £4.99 on amazon and totally worth it!

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