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Every summer we drive to Italy from the UK…usually a 2 day road trip with the kids!  French motorways have tonnes of picnic park areas to make a quick pit stop in the sun.  So here are our picnic suggestions for a tasty, nutritious and yet cheap and easy road side stop.

  • Boiled pasta in a bag! (Yes sounds strange but trust me.  Boil some pasta before you set off, run it under cold water so it doesn’t over cook, drain then drizzle olive oil over it so the pasta doesn’t stick, then put it in a zip-lock bag.
  • Jar of pesto (try our simple home-made recipe)
  • Quick and delicious pesto pasta on the go!

We also like to pack:

  • Apples (other fruit gets squashed and bruised too easily)
  • Crackers, sweet chilli sauce and a spreadable cheese
  • Your fav biscuits for back up/kiddie bribery
  • Thermos flask with some coffee (coffee in France can be a little hit and miss and it’s a long haul to reach Italy)
  • Don’t forget some plastic cutlery, plates and wet wipes!!!


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