What to pack in a bag for a weaning baby

We often get asked what do we pack in our bag when weaning our babies so in this blog we tell all.  We have now weaned 4 kids between us sisters and Emi is now weaning little Grazia so it’s safe to say we have tried and tested several products and these are by far our favorites so far.  Below we have listed what we have in our bag and reasons why.

1: Fistly it’s important to have a good bag that suits your needs. Our favorite by far is this gorgeous Jem and  Bea bag.  It’s super stylish and made out of soft leather which means it takes you seamlessly from baby bag to work or day bag. It has loads of multifunctional pockets inside for all you need and even comes with an amazing separate thermo-insulated bottle holder and a luxury padded changing mat.  Even better it has water repellent and wipe clean lining which is key for when weaning a baby and food spills which seem to happen too often.

2: BABA pouch: this wet pouch is the perfect accessory to furnish your Jem + Bea bag or simply to use on it’s own for quick trips. This practical pouch is made from wipe-clean nylon with a PEVA non-toxic waterproof lining so perfect to store baby food when out and about.

3: bibs and wipes: what did people do before wipes were invented? We always make sure we have enough wipes as they can be used to clean mouths, hands, surfaces, teething toys etc. These reusable huggies pouches are light to carry around and can clip on to a bag or pram or car seat to make sure you always have them to hand.  We always make sure we have a couple of bibs in our bag too.  When babies start weaning food gets everywhere so we love the Arden and anais burpy bibs that not only cover the front but the shoulders too so when the baby turns their head it stops food getting everywhere.  They also double up as a non-slip burp cloth for burping your baby.

4: We always find it useful when out and about to have a flask of water be it hot to warm up food or cold for kids to drink from.  These Pura stainless steel bottles are our favorite.  Made from 100% plastic-free, environmentally progressive, and adapts to the needs of your growing child by having different nipples available means you can use as a bottle and then it can transfer into a sippy cup to a flask.

5: Our kids love their dummies so we adore the things that Coo Cachoo Creations from teething toys to dummy clips.  They are made from 100% food grade sillicone and untreated beech wood so they are safe for your babe to chew away on.  Better yet they also do stylish jewelry for mums to wear which second up as a teething toy for your little one.  They create all kinds of colour combinations so you can talor it to your taste.

6: We make our own Pick n mix cubes of baby food for our little ones which are perfect for on the go (see our book baby at the table) we love the stackable containers that Beaba have which are perfect for transporting baby food on the go.






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  1. I really like the picture in the article. It is like an infographic. I can save the picture as a reminder when our next trip. Thank you for sharing.

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