What to pack in a hospital bag?

What to pack in a hospital bag for labour blog by the chiappas

I feel like so many blogs and lists I have read of “what to pack in a bag to take to the hospital for labour” have way too much stuff.  This is baby no 2. for me and I certainly remember packing so much the first time around that I hardly touched any of it.  This time around I want it to be much more condensed and practical.  Now don’t get me wrong i’m all for the whole moto of “i’d rather have too much than be missing something” but I think my husband might just walk out the door this time around if I make him carry all those bags that I never even opened last time around!  So with some extensive research and remembering what I took last time and didn’t use, I have compiled this list of what will be packed in my bag this time around.  I’d love to hear your thoughts of if you think i’m missing anything and what you packed in your bags?


Pj’s, slippers and a robe…I used the hospital gowns to begin with as didn’t want to deal with washing my own dirty robe…who needs a reminder of that when they get home…NOT me!  But after all that was done it was nice to slip into my own Pj’s and to have a robe for when visitors came to cover up.

Snacks – I remember being starving after labor and Fiorenza being born on Christmas Eve didn’t leave many places open for my hubby to pop out and pick up some food…this time around i’ll be prepared in that department with some muesli bars, fruit, crisps, nuts, and most importantly chocolate 🙂

Phone Charger – Make sure you have plenty of room on your phone to snap pictures and videos of your new bundle.

Toiletries – toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, a brush and comb, makeup, and a hair band.  Hospitals usually provide soap, shampoo, and lotion, but again in an attempt to pack lighter I will just use what the hospital have.

Big Pants – Far from attractive but unfortunately completely necessary.  Don’t be embarrassed your husband/partner has just experienced labour…he won’t even flinch at these if he catches a glance 😉

Clothes to go home in – As wonderful as it might be to think I could look like Kate Middleton when I come out of the hospital reality is i’ll be in some comfy leggings and a baggy shirt – comfort will be key for me.

Contact lenses and glasses – I got so hot in my first labor that my glasses kept steaming up so definitely need to pack some contact lenses this time around!

Hot/Cold – my sister and I compared labour notes…I was super hot in my labour and she kept getting the chills in hers.  So something to cool you down (cold flannel/fan) or warm you up (blanket) is useful.

Change of clothes for your partner – My husband certainly appreciated some clean clothes and pants.

For the baby: a couple of nappies (the hospital should provide you with some), a romper or two and a vest or two, a blanket and if you feel its important a going home outfit.  Both my babies were born in winter so i’ll be sure to bring a hat and warm overcoat/romper too.

Car Seat – Remember to have your car seat installed too as most hospitals won’t let you leave without it.

Finally, let your hubbie pack your bag!  He needs to know where to find supplies…quickly!!! Nothing worse than screaming for a fan to see him throwing everything out on the hospital floor in a panic!



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