Book Launch – Baby at the Table

Our book Baby At The Table has finally hit the shelves and we are super chuffed to share it with you!  There is nothing we love more than kids who enjoy their food.  Yes it can get messy at times (and certainly don’t look at the state under the table!) but it really is so satisfying to see a baby or kid tucking into their dinner and licking their lips!
We were brought up surrounded by food from birth and for Italians, it is a way of life.  Our book takes parents through the simple weaning steps so that by 1 year, your baby should be eating versions of the family meal with you.  One Meal to feed One Family.
We believe this food education starts as early as weaning and hopefully if your kids get the right start, it will help them for years to come.
You can purchase Baby At The Table on Amazon.

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