The Welsh Italians on BBC 2 – November 2016

On the 8th and 9th of November 2016 on BBC2 make sure you tune into a two part documentary which introduces the Welsh Italian community in Wales.

From Gelato to funghi, Michela reveals the Welsh Italians’ colourful past and asks what the future holds for the community and its identity. We all get stuck in and prepare a feast for the Welsh-Italian social event of the year – the Scampagniata – where families from all over the valleys get together to compete on their culinary skills.

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One thought on “The Welsh Italians on BBC 2 – November 2016

  1. great program used to go shooting with tony, remember pino the plumber michelas family frankie viazanni and louigi tansi,had the chip shop in glebeland st, great times frankie salmon fishing /or louie cant remember now, and frankies gold Granada car ,and the unforgettable guns of navarone duck hunt ,circled the pond in the dark with the cars frankie shouting lights and it began trigger the dog gwyllym elements,swam his heart out. ducks everywhere,no survivors we eat duck for weeks,my father mostyn pies eddie Thomas, all used the station café eddie get me a hot vimto ,many moons ago, the Italians were great my heroes,seeing pics on tele frankie/tony, pino brought a tear to my eye ,greatdays brian Williams,chow for now brian.many many stories,never to happen again

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