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Let us tell you about the best discovery we have made all year!!! Quite simply this discovery has changed our lives!

So we now have 7 children between us sisters and Michela two eldest are now in school…..with the arrival of her #3 the school run has become challenging as she only has 1 car. Her husband used to cycle FIamma to school but now Serafina (4) has started they have been trying to find a way to get them to school quickly using bikes

Not easy! Fiamma (6) has only just learnt to cycle without stabilisers but it’s too risky to let her go on the road or even pavements. Plus where they live there are lots of big hills and trying to motivate a 6 year old in the wet/cold morning uphill is a challenge even on foot as it’s a good 25min walk! Michela spent weeks researching attachments for bikes – she even went to Parma in Italy (a major cycle city) and spoke to various bike shops about options. The only solution seemed to be one of those carts you put on the back of a bike. However, these in our opinion are dangerous for roads and also hard work to cycle up hill.

One day, on a hectic school run with all three kids, she spotted the most amazing bike – a dad in Mik’s town was cycling his 2 kids (who looked about 10 years old) – and they were sat on the back of his bike!!! Ok so excuse the crazy in us, but Mik was so excited that she followed the dad and feeling embarassed, asked him where he got his bike attachment from.

And here is the revelation…..


It’s the RadWagon from Rad Power Bike – so it’s not an attachment, it’s an electric bike (horray for those hills!) and it has a wagon built into it so that 2 large kids or even an adult and a kid can ride on the back. Plus, it looks super cool! Well there was no debate – we had to get one and so much so that all 3 sisters have been converted. Worth every penny in our opinion – it has transformed how we get around and the kids absoultely love it. Everyone that we have passed asks us about the bikes as there is nothing else like it on the market. And what’s better is they are super easy to order – online, they arrive in a box pretty much ready to go and so so much fun!

If you are stuck for a Christmas gift this year – this one will suit the whole family and we promise you wont be disappointed! The bike is available in the US and Europe at www.radpowerbikes.eu Thank you so much to Rad Power bikes for these amazing #gifts



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